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Selling to Millennials: Three High-Tech Upgrades That Will Increase Your Home’s Appeal to Young Buyers

Millennials are finally starting to enter the real estate market after delaying home purchases for several years. With a completely new client base looking for homes, it is time to start making your home more appealing to these young buyers. Millennials are used to using high-tech gadgets every day, so they are going to desire these things in their new home. While there are several high-tech upgrades you can make on your home, these three will appeal the most to young homebuyers. Keyless Entry: Security for the New Millennium Keyless entry doors are becoming a popular way of keeping a…
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You Ask, We Answer: Understanding the Real Estate ‘Short Sale’ and How This Process Works

A short sale is something that occurs when a homeowner is not able to make the mortgage payments on time due to a financial hardship. Instead of foreclosing on the property after one or more missed payments, the bank may agree to allow the homeowner to turn the home over to the bank, which will sell it to as close to market value as possible. Here's what you need to know about how short sales work and what circumstances might call for one. Step 1: The Homeowner Provides Information To The Bank The first step in the short sale process…
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